A Pretentious Explication of My Intentions



I am a writer and a filmmaker.

But, apart from all that, I consider myself a humanist. And I decided, once I had set my goals as a filmmaker in mind, that I would seek to achieve humanist storytelling through film.

Then, it dawned on me that – although I had been watching films my whole life and writing about them – I had never taken a legitimately serious and academic approach to film. That is to say: I had never taken it upon myself to really study film.

Well… That’s what I’m doing now. I have decided to start studying the careers of other humanist filmmakers I admire and analyzing their canons. All in my personal quest to become a better filmmaker and storyteller.

And I have also decided to – why not – share these studies with anyone willing to listen.

This section of the blog network, then, comprises serious film analysis. It’s the art house with the cappuccino served in the lobby.

I hope the subjects and topics I choose to focus on are of interest.

See you inside…